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Adjustable cuff ring, one of a kind, hand engraved with lyrics from This is War
“to the edge of the earth it’s a brave new world”
likes and reblogs count
must be following this blog (obvs duh)
I’ll post anywhere in the world
Winner will be chosen at random on Nov 1st


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Hey I'm doing a lil mini giveaway for Christmas or Halloween or whatever


Hey buds! So I decided that I want to do a giveaway to thank you all for being as chill as you are, and helping me hit two hundred followers, so here goes. If you win the giveaway I will make you a sweater like the one from Coraline (you know, the navy turtleneck with the stars?) Because that’s…

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twinism replied to your post “Can anybody tell if these and these are the same?”

The pic looks matte like suede, whereas hers look shiny like leather. But that aside, the pattern looks exactly the same! You can change the sole with magic marker, and the suede ones look nicer. :)

Are these the same ones as the picture? Like I feeeeel that they’re right but I’m super bad about checking if shit is SA. 

I think they look the same, with the unique cut and shaping. Followers, thoughts? :D 

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Richard Armitage + quotes [insp]

I just need a picture of Richard standing in his bedroom with an overflowing dresser of socks screaming “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! IT’S ALLLLL SOCKS!” XD

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 ~ more here ~


 ~ more here ~

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IMG_9481 by bentomonsters on Flickr.
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Kawaii Bento Boxes | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


Kawaii Bento Boxes | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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I knit and bake and put my heart and soul into good books. Who wants to come along on my journey to turn my house into Hogwarts? I post 90% tea and tea related photos, recipes, and reviews. The other 10% is for anything shiny that catches my attention. Always safe for work, now let me make you a good cup of tea....

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